Randy McPherson - Outdoorsman

Every good outdoorsman knows that there's a lot to be learned from spending time in the wilderness.

As part of a family that liked to hunt and fish, Randy McPherson grew up learning how to live and breathe the outdoors. He was the oldest of seven siblings, one of whom is Matt McPherson, who now owns Matthews Archery -- the world's largest archery manufacturer.

Loving the outdoors seems to run in the McPherson family.

If it swims, flies, or walks on all fours, Randy has probably tried to hunt it or catch it. While he enjoys it all, his favorite pastime is bow hunting, and with arrow in hand, Randy has harvested numerous white tail deer, mule deer, elk, caribou, and even black bear -- one of which is in the Pope and Young Record Book.

Randy has had the joy of hunting or fishing in over twenty US states and four Canadian provinces, but his favorite place is on his four hundred acre farm in Wisconsin.

Throughout a life spent in God's great outdoors, Randy has gleaned many things, and he's eager to share them:
• Life Lessons Learned from the Outdoors
• Finding the Bullseye: Making Sure You Hit Your Mark
• Why Kids Need the Outdoors

Randy is available to speak at your conference, men's retreat, wild game dinner or sportsman's dinner. To find out more, click here.