Randy McPherson - Man of Faith

If you had to choose one thing out of your entire life experience to describe you, what would it be?

Randy McPherson already has his answer. While an avid outdoorsman and a business CEO, Randy's singular purpose is to be a “CEM” – a “Christian Entrepreneur Minister.” In other words, finding new ways to reach hurting people for God.

As a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, Randy believes that full-time service to God isn't just reserved for pastors and missionaries. Each of us has a calling on our lives to serve God and to help one another.

Working with more than one ministry as a leader and a board member, Randy has helped them grow from a budget of almost nothing to making a serious difference in the physical and spiritual lives of countless people with annual operating budgets of over ten million dollars.

Randy loves to teach and inspire, speaking on such topics as:

• How to Have Passion with Purpose
• Why Losing is a Good Thing
• How to Overcome a Crash and Burn
• How to Be a Giant-Killer in a Land of Mental Midgets
• Finding What Really Matters
• Don't Be Paralyzed by Fear (There Is Such a Thing as Being Too Cautious)
• How to Find Your Passion
• Everyday People: Making a Difference in Your Personal Sphere

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