Randy McPherson - Business Man

“Serial entrepreneur”
In the last twenty-five years, Randy has started multiple companies. Collectively they've done more than $2 billion worth of revenue. All but one are still in operation.

In other words, Randy knows business. He understands what it takes to start a company from almost nothing and grow it into a profitable endeavor. In one instance, Randy launched a company with an investment of only $30,000, and today it earns almost $200,000,000 each year.

It hasn't all been success, though. One of Randy's previous ventures failed, nearly wiping him out and making him a card-carrying member of the “Crash and Burn Club.” Despite the occasional “very expensive education,” he has seen firsthand that extraordinary things can happen from ordinary people.

Randy has had the opportunity to work in many different industries, including automotive, marketing, finance, logistics, customer loyalty programs, real estate, and even manufacturing. This wealth of experience has prepared him to speak on the following topics at your conference, teambuilding function, corporate dinner, or other event:

• How to Find Your Wow Factor
• How to Reposition Your Company in the Marketplace
• How to Make Tough Budget Cut Decisions
• What Happens After Whoops (How to Recover From a Major Setback)
• Never Do Anything for Money (Pursue Your Passion)
• Everyday People: Making a Difference in Your Personal Sphere

In addition to speaking, Randy is available for consulting and training. As an experienced business operator who has owned and operated businesses in twelve states, he can assist your organization with:

• Multi-Unit Economics
• How to Manage Multiple Businesses in Multiple States

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